30 Days of Writing Challenge 07/30 - Formal

I can’t believe that I had been dragged along to this party. Sure, it was a spectacle to look at, but was I expected to mingle? It was all some sort of ploy to get me to meet someone, surely. The amber liqueur that occupied my glass slid down my throat nicely. It had a nice burn to it— one that would keep you awake and going. I had made my ways through the crowds of strangers and headed up from the ball-room to the second floor. Might as well explore to my heart’s content, after all. I had gone out onto the balcony that no-one had gone out to yet. I leaned against the railing that overlooked a lake that perfectly mirrored an image of the moon overhead.  Beautiful. The soft padding of feet could be heard as I turned around to see who had accompanied me out here. But what I had saw was breath-taking. It was her.

Writing Challenge 07/30


This is the best thing I have seen all day

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