30 Days of Writing 28/30 - Promise

Never break a promise. Oh how many of those I had broken the past couple of years. Promises of returning, promises to remember, promises for contact. All of which I couldn’t keep. I had a bigger agenda I had to attend to, unfortunately. As much as I wanted to keep any of those promises, I couldn’t. The very nature of my task prevented me from returning to the earth once I was finished. I did promise that I will fix what is wrong. I will undo the evils set on the earth by the grand magus. I would the only one burdened by this task, for I was the only one who could face him with my immortality. This was told by one of the archangels that had accompanied me partly on my travels. Once I was finished with this task, I would finally be greeted by the sweet messenger of death. That was their promise to me.

30 Days of Writing 27/30 - Letters

I would always wait for the mail. I would read yours over and over again. I always cherished them, kept them separated in a box, every single thing you sent was saved. Then you didn’t send anything. I kept wondering why, wondering if it was something that I did. But little did I know what happened to you that one day. The one event that prevented you from writing to me ever again. I traveled across many lands to be with you once again. You may have lost your sight, but I will be your eyes, your guide, your companion. As long as I’m with you…we will always write memories together in our hearts.

idk, today just kinda proved to me that I have some great friends looking after me on the interwebs. :3

30 Days of Writing 26/30 - Diamond

How much is life worth to you? They asked me when they first took me in. I was their diamond in the rough. Their trump card. Their weapon. I did whatever they asked me to do and I would get paid and taken care for. It was okay for the first few years, got paid and treated reasonably. Only in the later years did I have a problem with how they were treating me. I broke free of them and they came after me. Put a bounty on my head, even. But they knew that I was the best thing that they had, and when they lost me, they lost their relevance in the underworld network of gangs. They needed me if they wanted to assume dominance over everyone else. But I too, am human, somewhat. I need to make decisions for myself every now and then— even if they aren’t exactly the most humane.

30 Days of Writing 25/30 - Winter

Winter was always symbolized as the season of death. In various literary pieces, you’d always associate spring with life and winter with death. It really paints the wrong kind of picture for what winter actually is. I find it to be quite the enigma. The environment you once knew changes in an instant. Green landscapes filled with life are suddenly turned into these strange, desolate, beautiful worlds. Even if some life is absent, it’s still a marvel to look at. It’s these times where I can truly find myself at peace and really forget about all that is wrong in the world.

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Welcome the newest member of the yard sard family


Welcome the newest member of the yard sard family

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I wish I understood the SLAYER Gnome.

But I fucking love it anyway.

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